Dredging Consultant and Dredging Services – Bean

From its experience and expertise in managing diverse and complex projects and operating a broad variety of dredging equipment, Bean (Dredging Consultants and Dredging Services) is uniquely qualified to offer services to public and private clients who need assistance in identifying, analyzing and assessing problems which involve dredging solutions. Over the last several years Bean has increased its focus on servicing dredging customers through Bean Consulting and Dredging Company.

Project and Site Characterization for Dredging Services

We assist our clients in ascertaining the appropriate methods and equipment to efficiently carry out their project. This enhances the cost efficiency and effectiveness of attracting informed offers from the bidding community with less contingency pricing.

Proposal Preparation Assistance for Dredging Consultant and Dredging Services

We assist operating companies in developing proposals for their clients. From the simplest submittals to the more comprehensive Best Value Procurements, our services will take the client through understanding the proposal requirements, scoring analysis, proposal development, Red Team Reviews, Red Team Recovery and Final Proposal submittals.

Dredge Production Analysis

Our decades of dredging experience, including many years of developing the dredge production science calibrated with significant empirical data, provide us with a significant foundation for calculating production for the broad spectrum of dredge types. This expertise has been very useful in assisting our clients with trouble shooting production issues and saving substantial amounts of time and money on their projects.

Dredge Automation

Bean pioneered dredge production automation in the late 1970’s. Our services include the identification of production enhancing opportunities, design and installation of the automation equipment and training of the dredge crew in optimizing the use of the new equipment.

Dredge Design and Equipment Identification

We assist our clients in developing solutions to their dredging needs as well as Dredging Consultants. Whether soliciting offers from the contracting community or developing a self-perform strategy for accomplishing the work, we have the experience, expertise and insight to provide the necessary information to ensure an informed decision.

Dredge Construction Support and Dredging Consultant

Dredge design and construction is a unique discipline, and we work with our clients to ensure the dredge design, acquisition and construction meet their desired objectives. Bean is a top Dredging Consultant and Dredging Service in the USA.

Hydrographic Surveying

We have the technical knowledge and equipment to provide a broad spectrum of hydrographic surveying. High resolution data can be acquired by our multi-beam or single beam equipment. Multi frequency data can be provided quickly, often available to the client before the survey boat returns to the dock. Call today if you are looking for the best Dredging Consultant or Dredging Services in the U.S.A..