Project Expertise

Since 1953 when dredging expert and founder Charles F. Bean began to serve the needs of the South Louisiana oil industry, Bean has executed diverse dredging projects for public and private clients. Bean developed a reputation for technical innovation and creative design in its approach to enhancing production and cost efficiency.

Beach and Wetland Restoration Dredging Experts

Bean was the first dredging company in the United States to mine offshore sand deposits for beach restoration through pipe-line and a cutter-suction dredge. Since then, Bean has successfully completed many beach and wetland restoration projects.

Port/Harbor Creation and Expansion

From the creation of the Port of Jubail in Saudi Arabia to the deepening of the Port of New York/New Jersey, Bean has helped to expand ports and harbors. This required attention to close tolerances for efficiencies and minimizing disruption to harbor users. CF Bean Dredging Company can help and save you money.

Channel Maintenance

Bean has performed numerous projects to keep channel depths maintained for navigation and commerce.

Environmental Remediation

Bean the dredging expert performed the dredging for the large Superfund Project at Bayou Bonfouca, cleared contaminated material from the Miami River Channel, and coordinated the State of Louisiana’s mitigation response to the Macondo oil spill, along with other environmental projects.

Beneficial Use of Material by Dredging Expert

Bean has played a major role in pioneering the beneficial use of dredged material. Examples are the expansion of Deer Island, Mississippi with material dredged from the Gulfport Harbor, restoration of Lake Salvador shoreline in Louisiana and habitat creation along the Mississippi River.

Water Management

Bean has built many levees, done dredging for river diversions and developed a patented method for water conservation at the Salton Sea in California.

Special Dredging Solutions

Bean’s history has been characterized by developing dredging solutions for unique project challenges. Examples include a specially built dredge for work in the Great Salt Lake for the salt mining industry and developing a slurry transportation process to minimize added free water. CF Bean the dredging experts and dredging consultants can save you time and money on your next project..