Equipment Experience

Bean has operated a broad variety of dredging equipment types, managing them on single-vessel projects and coordinating them in multiple fleet projects. Most of Bean’s dredges were designed and built in-house.


Hopper Dredges: self-propelled ships which remove material from water bottoms and pump it into an on-board hopper;


Cutter Suction: barge-mounted dredges which use a cutter and pump to move material from water bottoms and pump it through pipe-lines to a designated area;


Booster Equipment: pumping units that are connected to pipe-lines and strategically placed to increase the distance the sediment will travel to a designated area;


Marine Excavator: barge-mounted excavator used to remove heavy material, including rock, which is typically loaded onto barges and off-loaded to a designated area;


Rock Drilling and Blasting: specially designed vessels which can drill into rock, place, and detonate explosives to break up rock bottoms;


Dustpan: barge-mounted dredges which use high-pressure nozzles to loosen and slurrify material from water bottoms;


Dragline: barge-mounted cranes which can use a variety of buckets for removing soils from water bottoms;


Specialty Equipment: equipment designed for specific uses, such as a transportable dredge and dredge support vessels.